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Lake Simcoe nearshore water quality monitoring at water supply intakes - 1982-1989 data report

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Title: Lake Simcoe nearshore water quality monitoring at water supply intakes - 1982-1989 data report
Author: Hopkins, Gordon J.; Webb, Lenisa
Abstract: A programme to enhance monitoring of nearshore Lake Simcoe water quality through the use of municipal water intakes was established in 1982. The intake monitoring programme fulfills recommendation B.1 under the Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (Final Report and Recommendations of the Steering Committee, 1985). It is part of a comprehensive annual water quality monitoring programme to determine long term changes related to phosphorus pollution control in the Lake Simcoe basin. The programme was initiated at three waterworks locations (Beaverton, Brechin and Sutton for biological monitoring of water quality using phytoplankton samples and chemical data. The main goal of this programme was to monitor the nearshore water quality over an extended time period (ten years or more) with emphasis on selected trophic state indices. In 1984, an additional location (Keswick) had been added to the programme for a total of four locations. This report provides a description of the programme operation and methodologies. Separate appendices provide a readily available source of basic data collected at each location for the period 1982 to 1989. The appendices (in four parts) include weekly raw data for all parameters, monthly means and graphics. No detailed interpretation has been provided for the data presented in this report. The data collected to date have, however, indicated that water supply intakes can be used year-round as a cost-effective means of measuring nearshore Lake Simcoe water quality. The only variable showing a clear trend over the 8-year period of investigation is chloride which has increased at an average rate of 0.48 mg•L-1yr-1. The continuation of this programme will provide useful information, particularly for long term trend analyses. The data are periodically submitted to the local Water Works and the LSEM Implementation Technical Committee to aid in the assessment of Lake Simcoe nearshore water quality. More detailed analyses of data will be provided in 1994 in compliance with the reporting requirements of the first phase of the LSEMS Implementation Programme. Funding of this study has been provided through the Inland Lakes Programme by the Water Resources Branch, M.O.E. and was administered by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.
Date: 1992
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