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Lake Simcoe hypolimnion aeration - An assessment of the potential for direct treatment

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Title: Lake Simcoe hypolimnion aeration - An assessment of the potential for direct treatment
Author: Neil, J.
Abstract: A trend toward increased eutrophication of Lake Simcoe has been recognized and considerable research work has been devoted to obtaining background information on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water body, measuring trends, making recommendations for and implementing remedial actions, and measuring lake response. Research has indicated that water quality and the ecology of oxygen impaired hypolimnetic waters can be improved through supplementation of this resource. The means to do this have been largely based on individual studies accomplished by means of systems devised by the researcher to suit the need of the project. Some larger scale commercial systems have been proposed for Canadian and North American use but they have not been widely applied nor have the results been well documented. Recently, two oxygen injection systems have been developed in Europe that would appear to offer both the scale of oxygen delivery required and a demonstrated stage of technical development that suggest their feasibility as a means of resolving some or all of the deficiency in Lake Simcoe. The purpose of this study is to determine the technical feasibility and the order of cost for use of these two systems as a means to resolve the ongoing problem of oxygen deficiency in Lake Simcoe.
Date: 1991
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