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Lake Simcoe Basin - A water quality and use study

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dc.description.abstract Lake Simcoe due to its proximity to the Province's largest population centres, its generally excellent water quality and its suitability for a wide variety of water-oriented activities is one of Southern Ontario's prime cottaging and recreational areas. For many of the same reasons, it is also one of the more desirable areas for urban and industrial development. The increasing pressure for urbanization and the desire to protect the recreational value of one of southern Ontario's largest lakes led the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to conduct a five-year study into the status of water quality and water use of Lake Simcoe. Preliminary studies in Kempenfelt Bay were conducted during the summer of 1970 and the intensive basin-wide program was initiated in the spring of 1971 and continued in 1972. The investigation was designed to meet the following objectives: 1. To determine the present state of water quality throughout the lake basin; 2. To identify sources of pollution, measure the magnitude of each source and determine its effects on water quality; 3. To catalogue water uses throughout the basin; and 4. To develop a water quality management guide for the protection of Lake Simcoe waters. It should be pointed out that the particular emphasis of this study was directed to the preservation and, wherever necessary, restoration of the water quality of the lake. It is recognized that many localized water quality problems do exist; in fact, several were identified in the course of the investigations and are discussed in this report. These localized problems, as they are identified have been, or will be, dealt with individually by staff of the Central Region of the MOE or other appropriate authorities. As part of this report, an evaluation of the Lake Simcoe fisheries prepared by the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Assessment Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources has been included.
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