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Aquatic weed growths in Lake Simcoe

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Title: Aquatic weed growths in Lake Simcoe
Author: Millard, E. S.; Veal, D. M.
Abstract: During the summer of 1971, a water quality evaluation of Lake Simcoe was carried out by several branches of the Ontario Water Resources Commission. Included in the study was an assessment of the aquatic weed (macrophyte) growths, the results of which are outlined in the following report. The macrophyte growths were assessed for several reasons. Firstly, a number of complaints about excessive weed growths and shoreline accumulations, especially from residents on Cook Bay and Shingle Bay, had been received by the OWRC. It was felt that a documentation of the locations and extent of macrophyte beds could provide important information on reasons for and possible control measures of these nuisance conditions. Secondly, the management of aquatic resources for maximum public usage and minimum nuisance levels is becoming an important aspect of water-resource agencies. Studies are now being undertaken to determine the most feasible and environmentally safe method of controlling excessive weed growths. It was felt that a report describing the growths of macrophytes in Lake Simcoe could provide useful information for the application of future management techniques. Thirdly, macrophytes play an important ecological role in the production of certain species of fish and other aquatic organisms. Hopefully, the, report will be used to assist the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests in choosing suitable locations for fish stocking and will provide information for other fish-management practices. The primary objectives of the field investigation were as follows: 1) to determine how extensive weed growth is in Lake Simcoe and outline which areas do have problems resulting from overabundant growth. 2) to determine the species composition of the weeded areas. 3) to indicate some of the factors which may be responsible for distribution and abundance.
Date: 1971
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