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Streambank erosion inventory Volume I

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Title: Streambank erosion inventory Volume I
Author: Antoszek, John; Stam, Trish; Pritchard, David
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assemble a streambank erosion inventory for watercourses in the south-west section of the Lake Simcoe watershed. These watercourses included the Holland River, Pottageville Creek, Kettleby Creek, Glenville Creek, Holland River East Branch and their tributaries. This inventory is a catalogue of the locations, type, extent, and severity of all the erosion problem sites discovered. Remedial measures to alleviate the erosion problem are suggested following each site description. A total of 289 streambank erosion problem sites on 23 streams or tributaries were identified. Over 50 percent of the problems were due to natural streambank erosion. Twenty five sites were identified as having major erosion problems; 18 other sites were found to have extremely severe erosion problems. The main stream of Kettleby Creek claimed the most major and severe problem sites with 7 and 8 respectively. Since the costs for remedial measures for the individual problem sites are highly site-specific, a range of costs has been determined. It is estimated that the costs of remedial measures for the extensive, major and severe erosion problem sites in the entire study area would be between $340,000 and $570,000.
Date: 1985
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