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Atmospheric transfer of agrochemicals

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Title: Atmospheric transfer of agrochemicals
Author: Pattey, E.; Desjardins, R.L.; Rochette, P.; Zhu, T.; Royds, W.G.; Dow, D.; St-Amour, G.; Cessna, A.; Kerr, L.; MacPherson, J. I.
Abstract: Atmospheric transport is considered to be a significant input pathway of toxic chemicals to the Great Lakes. Confidence in the measurements of vapour fluxes of agrochemicals between soil, air and water surfaces suffers from uncertainties associated with the measuring techniques. A reliable measuring technique was therefore needed to assess the impact of soil and crop management on atmospheric loading of agrochemicals. Until recently, the only micrometeorological technique used to measure the vapour flux of agrochemicals was the aerodynamic gradient technique. Four to six measuring levels were used to determine the concentration profile. This technique required the estimation of the turbulent exchange coefficient, K, which introduced considerable uncertainties. Since agrochemical analysis is very time consuming, a measuring technique requiring fewer samples was highly desirable. The relaxed eddy-accumulation technique offered this opportunity, in addition to the fact that it was a more direct approach for measuring fluxes. It was also the only technique that could be used for regional flux measurements with an aircraft. The objectives of this study were: a) To develop methods based on the eddy-accumulation technique to quantify the emission and surface deposition rates of agrochemicals and other toxic substances. b) To measure the atmosphere-surface exchange of agrochemicals used in the Great Lakes region using two tower-based systems having different trapping devices. c) To measure the atmosphere-surface exchange of agrochemicals in the Great Lakes region using an aircraft-based system.
Date: 1994
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