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Ontario farm groundwater quality survey - Winter 1991/92

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Title: Ontario farm groundwater quality survey - Winter 1991/92
Author: Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research, University of Waterloo; Centre for Land and Water Stewardship, University of Guelph; Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food; Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association; Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy; Ontario Ministry of Health
Abstract: An increasing awareness of the need for careful management of land use and land development has grown over the last decade, particularly in context with environmental sensitivity. One area that has received considerable attention recently is agriculture and related activities. In terms of total area, the land that has been developed and managed for agriculture represents, by far, the largest of all land-development practices. The global concern with the long-term quality of groundwater resources has, in part, begun to focus on the potential impacts of agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, on regional groundwater quality. Currently, investigative research is being conducted in many parts of the world, including Canada and the United States. In an effort to begin to gauge the general condition of groundwater resources being used by the rural farming community in the Province of Ontario, Agriculture Canada, through the Canada/Ontario Environmental Sustainability Initiative Agreement (ESIA), proposed a province-wide survey of farm drinking water wells. The main objectives of the project were to: determine the quality and safety of drinking water for farm families, and determine the effect of agriculture management on the quality of groundwater. In this report, the results of the survey are presented and evaluated with respect to agricultural land use practices, soil types and water well conditions, among other factors. In addition, a review of previous surveys of this type is provided as background information. The criteria used to select both the water well sites and the multilevel well sites are discussed in detail along with sampling procedures and laboratory analytical methods.
Date: 1992
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