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Ontario farm groundwater quality survey - Summer 1992

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Title: Ontario farm groundwater quality survey - Summer 1992
Author: Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research, University of Waterloo; Centre for Land and Water Stewardship, University of Guelph; Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food; Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association; Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy; Ontario Ministry of Health
Abstract: In response to growing concerns related to land-use and development, and the subsequent impacts on groundwater quality, Agriculture Canada initiated a major effort to evaluate the condition of the groundwater resources used by the rural community for drinking water supplies. One of the main motivations for the study was the international awareness of the potential impacts that agricultural activity may have on shallow groundwater quality. Some research work has been completed and more is currently underway in many parts of Canada, the United States, and Europe, to gauge the current and potential impacts of intensive agricultural development on surface and groundwater resources. An initial survey of approximately 1300 domestic farm wells and about 150 multilevel monitoring wells located in active farm fields was conducted during the winter months of 1991-1992 as the first part of Agriculture Canada's study. The main objectives of this initial survey were to: determine the quality and safety of drinking water for farm families, and determine the effect of agricultural management on the quality of groundwater. A second complete survey of the same network of water wells and monitoring wells was carried out during the summer months of 1992. The main objectives of the second survey were to: verify the conditions and trends observed in the first sampling program and enhance the statistical validity of the data set and, examine the influence of seasonal change, both climatic and related to specific agricultural activity, on the quality of groundwater.In this report, the results from the summer sampling are presented and evaluated with respect to spatial distribution, land-use practices, soil characteristics, and several additional factors. Recent surveys published or made available recently and not reviewed in the winter survey report, are included here for background information.
Date: 1993
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