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O. A. C. Review Volume 40 Issue 5, January 1928

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dc.contributor Literary Society of the Ontario Agricultural College
dc.contributor.editor Colson, H. J.
dc.contributor.editor Pett, L. B.
dc.contributor.editor Berry, J. A.
dc.contributor.editor Parrish, S. T.
dc.contributor.editor Collins, G. P.
dc.contributor.editor Boyce, H. R.
dc.contributor.editor Jamieson, A.
dc.contributor.editor Smith, C. R.
dc.contributor.editor Graham, W. R.
dc.contributor.editor Tolton, W. D.
dc.contributor.editor McConkey, O. M.
dc.contributor.editor Robinson, W. R.
dc.contributor.editor Hamill, J. S.
dc.contributor.editor Wood, E. I.
dc.contributor.editor Patterson, R. A.
dc.contributor.editor Whiteside, W. H.
dc.contributor.editor Demary, Miss E.
dc.contributor.editor Smith, Miss E.
dc.creator Ontario Agricultural College 2018-07-12T17:24:18Z 2018-07-12T17:24:18Z 1928 1928-01-01
dc.description.abstract Former editors of the O. A. C. Review wrote all the articles of this issue. Article topics range from a history of the founding of the O. A. C. Review, to getting along with your neighbours. The highlight of the campus news are the examination results for both the O. A. C. and Macdonald Institute students. Continued in this issue is the column regarding the National Federation of Canadian University Students, with a focus on the forthcoming debate in the Maritimes. The Alumni column provides a list of the occupations of all of the former editors of the O. A. C. Review, and alumni activities. The Macdonald Institute column highlights the academic standing of the students, and alumnae updates.
dc.description.tableofcontents The Ways
dc.description.tableofcontents The founding of the O. A. C. Review
dc.description.tableofcontents Greyfriars Bobby
dc.description.tableofcontents Alberta's agricultural schools
dc.description.tableofcontents Meeting on Joe Lake
dc.description.tableofcontents When neighbours meet
dc.description.tableofcontents Comments on agriculture
dc.description.tableofcontents Student life
dc.description.tableofcontents Editorial
dc.description.tableofcontents English Department
dc.description.tableofcontents College life
dc.description.tableofcontents News and views
dc.description.tableofcontents Macdonald
dc.description.tableofcontents Alumni
dc.description.tableofcontents N. F. C. U. S.
dc.description.tableofcontents Locals
dc.description.tableofcontents advertising
dc.format pdf
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Ontario Agricultural College
dc.relation.ispartofseries O. A. C. Review Volume Forty
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
dc.subject OAC Review
dc.subject College news
dc.subject editorial
dc.subject agriculture
dc.subject poetry
dc.subject O. A. C. Review
dc.subject former editors
dc.subject history
dc.subject Greyfriars Bobby
dc.subject Alberta
dc.subject agricultural schools
dc.subject Joe Lake
dc.subject short story
dc.subject neighbours
dc.subject student life
dc.subject New Year
dc.subject Dr. Zavitz
dc.subject portrait
dc.subject Biology Club
dc.subject Christmas elections
dc.subject examination results
dc.subject Dr. Ross
dc.subject College Royal
dc.subject Ukrainian Choir
dc.subject Conversat
dc.subject Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union
dc.subject alumni occupations
dc.subject N. F. C. U. S.
dc.subject National Federation of Canadian University Students
dc.subject Imperial Conference for Agricultural Research
dc.subject Mac Hall examination results
dc.subject Macdonald Institute
dc.subject alumnae
dc.subject local news
dc.subject personals
dc.subject alumni
dc.subject Guelph
dc.subject advertising
dc.title O. A. C. Review Volume 40 Issue 5, January 1928
dc.type journal
dc.rights.holder University of Guelph
dc.contributor.affiliation University of Guelph

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