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O. A. C. Review Volume 22 Issue 8, May 1910

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dc.contributor Literary Society of the Ontario Agricultural College
dc.contributor.editor Gandier, S. H.
dc.contributor.editor Learmonth, C. M.
dc.contributor.editor Dawson, W.
dc.contributor.editor Reek, W. R.
dc.contributor.editor Light, P. E.
dc.contributor.editor Todd, S.E.
dc.contributor.editor Belton, Miss
dc.contributor.editor Clement, F. M.
dc.contributor.editor Flavelle, Miss
dc.contributor.editor Herner, M. C.
dc.contributor.editor Ross, Miss
dc.contributor.editor Dorrance, H. A.
dc.contributor.editor Rogers, S.
dc.contributor.editor White, O. C.
dc.contributor.editor Emerson, W. W.
dc.creator Ontario Agricultural College 2018-07-11T14:09:35Z 2018-07-11T14:09:35Z 1910 1910-05-01
dc.description.abstract This spring issue has student essays on the future of Canadians and rural social life. Articles include using the hydrometer in orchard work, the high cost of living in the United States, how flax contributes to soil depletion, and the efficacy of sprouted wheat. The Experimental column articles pertain to crops for pastures, starch by-products, and the study of horticulture as a science. The Poultry column addresses advertising in the poultry industry, and housing poultry on the farm. Campus news reports on the end of semester activities that include the athletic concert, and the winning athletic teams. Alumnae news is in the Macdonald column and alumni updates are in the Alumni column.
dc.description.tableofcontents The Canadians of the future
dc.description.tableofcontents Social life in rural districts
dc.description.tableofcontents The hydrometer and the lime sulphur wash
dc.description.tableofcontents The cost of living in the United States
dc.description.tableofcontents Agriculture
dc.description.tableofcontents The draught of flax upon the soil: a comparison
dc.description.tableofcontents The effect of sprouting on the germination of wheat
dc.description.tableofcontents Experimental
dc.description.tableofcontents An annual pasture mixture
dc.description.tableofcontents By-products of the Edwardsburg Starch Factory
dc.description.tableofcontents Horticulture
dc.description.tableofcontents Horticulture and science
dc.description.tableofcontents Music Everywhere
dc.description.tableofcontents Poultry
dc.description.tableofcontents Advertising
dc.description.tableofcontents Poultry keeping on the farm
dc.description.tableofcontents Editorial
dc.description.tableofcontents College Life
dc.description.tableofcontents Athletic concert
dc.description.tableofcontents Sovereign Moments
dc.description.tableofcontents Athletics
dc.description.tableofcontents Indoor meet
dc.description.tableofcontents Alumni
dc.description.tableofcontents Macdonald
dc.description.tableofcontents Eyes to see
dc.description.tableofcontents Among ourselves
dc.description.tableofcontents Knowledge
dc.description.tableofcontents Much ado about nothing
dc.description.tableofcontents Schools' and Teachers' Department
dc.description.tableofcontents Locals
dc.description.tableofcontents advertising
dc.format pdf
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Ontario Agricultural College
dc.relation.ispartofseries O. A. C. Review Volume Twenty Two
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
dc.subject OAC Review
dc.subject College news
dc.subject editorial
dc.subject agriculture
dc.subject future Canadians
dc.subject winning oratorical speech
dc.subject rural social life
dc.subject hydrometer
dc.subject lime sulphur wash
dc.subject cost of living
dc.subject United States
dc.subject flax
dc.subject soil depletion
dc.subject nitrogen
dc.subject wheat harvest
dc.subject sprouted wheat
dc.subject germination
dc.subject pasture crop
dc.subject corn by-products
dc.subject horticulture
dc.subject scientific research
dc.subject poultry
dc.subject advertising
dc.subject poultry husbandry
dc.subject college organizations' elections
dc.subject athletic concert
dc.subject valedictory address
dc.subject Y. M. C. A.
dc.subject poetry
dc.subject O. A. C. 1910 water polo team photograph
dc.subject O. A. C. 1910 basketball team photographs
dc.subject O. A. C. 1910 hockey team photograph
dc.subject marriage
dc.subject campus photographs
dc.subject Macdonald Institute
dc.subject Halley's Comet
dc.subject Short Course supper
dc.subject freshie initiation
dc.subject Walking Club
dc.subject alumnae
dc.subject local news
dc.subject personals
dc.subject alumni
dc.subject advertising
dc.subject Guelph
dc.title O. A. C. Review Volume 22 Issue 8, May 1910
dc.type journal
dc.rights.holder University of Guelph
dc.contributor.affiliation University of Guelph
dc.rights.license All items in the Atrium are protected by copyright with all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated.

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