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In 1975 a report on the Thames River Basin Water Management Study (TRBWMS) was issued by the Ministry of the Environment and The Ministry of Natural Resources. This report was based on a detailed study of the Thames River System carried out during the period 1972-1975, the objective of which was: "to develop guidelines for management of the basin's water resources to ensure that adequate quantities of water of satisfactory quality are available for the recognized uses at the lowest possible cost, and that erosion and flood protection are provided consistent with appropriate benefit-cost criteria".

In response to one of the recommedation of the report, the Thames River Implementation Committee (TRIC) was formed in October of 1976.

In 1980, the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources committed funding for a 3-year work program to address the specific recommendations of the Water Management Study regarding both flood control and water quality issues.

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