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The Land Stewardship Program (LSP) was a three-year program, September 1, 1987, to August 31, 1990, to provide grants for the adoption of conservation farming practices on Ontario farmland - practices that would enhance and sustain agricultural production and improve and protect our soil and water resources. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food program provided assistance that encouraged farmers to adopt practical, cost-effective conservation farming systems and promoted the development of a long term commitment towards a stewardship ethic. The intent was to improve soil resources and water management by reducing soil erosion and compaction, restoring soil organic matter and tilth, and reduced the potential for environmental contamination arising from agricultural practices.

The Land Stewardship Research Program was intended to assist in achieving the goals of the overall program by adding to the current base of knowledge, by providing extension staff with recommendations and assisting farmers in the adoption of conservation practices. Total funds available over the three year period were $2.25 million.

Land Stewardship II was a continuation of the program effective from September 1, 1990 to March 21, 1994.

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