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The Canada-Ontario Land Management Assistance Program (LMAP) was signed by the Federal and Provincial Ministers of Agriculture on March 25, 1991. This federally funded Program was developed to encourage farmers to implement environmentally sound management practices on their land. The allocation for Ontario was $15.242 million for the period between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1994.

With a few exceptions, all LMAP programs and projects were delivered via contribution agreements with appropriate third party agents.

Purpose: To facilitate the adoption of effective resource management and environmental sustainable farming practices as a key to increasing the long-term financial returns to producers of grains and oilseeds and edible horticultural crops, sustainability of agriculture's natural resource base and competitiveness of the Ontario agri-food sector.

Federal LMAP programs include:

  1. an extension of the NSCP Permanent Cover Program,
  2. a High Crop Residue Program,
  3. a Rural Conservation Clubs Program, and,
  4. further funding of the Best Management Practices Manuals.

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