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The Report on Environmental Sustainability, entitled "Growing Together", was presented to the Ministers of Agriculture by the Federal-Provincial Agriculture Committee on June 30, 1990. This was the initial step in the development of the Agricultural Component of the Environmental Green Plan. The report dealt with eight priority issues:

  1. Soil concerns associated with degradation and urban encroachment
  2. Water quality linked to pesticides and other agricultural contaminants
  3. The relationship between agriculture and wildlife habitats
  4. Excess or inadequate water supply
  5. Problems such as climate change and ozone depletion
  6. Inefficient energy use and the lack of economically viable alternatives to fossil fuels
  7. Pollution and waste management problems
  8. Concerns linked to genetic resources

The purpose of the Ontario component of the Agriculture Green Plan is to maintain and enhance the natural resources that the Ontario agri-food sector uses and affects.

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