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Degradation Rates for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Undergoing Bioventing at the Meso-Scale

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Title: Degradation Rates for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Undergoing Bioventing at the Meso-Scale
Author: Khan, Alamgir A; Zytner, Richard G
Department: School of Engineering
Abstract: Bioventing can be effective for the remediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. However, implementing laboratory results in field scenarios is difficult due to the lack of scale-up factors. Accordingly, laboratory bioventing experiments were undertaken at the meso-scale and then compared to previously completed micro-scale tests to evaluate the important scale-up factor. The developed meso-scale system holds 4 kg of soil, with bioventing conditions controlled from a nutrient, airflow and water content perspective. Three soils were tested, and categorised as sandy, clayey, and loam soil. Results over a thirty-day period showed a two-stage degradation pattern that encompassed first-order degradation rates as compared to the single-stage first-order degradation rate determined in the micro-scale study. For the first stage (0 to 8 d), the degradation rate for sandy soil was 0.598 d-1, with the clayey soil at 0.460 d-1, and mixed soil at 0.477 d-1. After 8 days, the degradation rate constant for the sandy soil dropped to 0.123 d-1, with the clayey soil dropping to 0.075 d-1, and the degradation rate for the mixed soil dropping to 0.093 d-1. Comparison of the measured degradation rate values with the results from the micro-scale experiments gave scale-up factors varying from 1.9 to 2.7 for the types of soil considered in the current study. These differences in degradation rates between the two scales show the importance of scale-up factors when transferring feasibility study results to the field.
Date: 2013-03
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Related Publications: Alamgir A. Khan & Richard G. Zytner (2013) Degradation Rates for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Undergoing Bioventing at the Meso-Scale, Bioremediation Journal, 17:3, 159-172,DOI: 10.1080/10889868.2013.807772

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