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Comparative Advertising: Effect of Medium Change on Ad Format Effectiveness

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Title: Comparative Advertising: Effect of Medium Change on Ad Format Effectiveness
Author: Ejaz, Muneeb
Department: Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies
Program: Marketing and Consumer Studies
Advisor: Kanetkar, Vinay
Abstract: Previous research on comparative advertising indicates how brands may use advertising to compare and contrast their own products and services with those of a competing brand, for the purpose of furthering their rivalry and winning over consumers. This research investigates the effect of change in advertising medium (i.e. Print and Online) on memory recall and purchase intentions for direct and indirect comparative advertisements. Although the direction of the means was as proposed, the results indicate that there was not enough evidence to claim that direct comparative advertisements will have a greater memory recall than indirect and noncomparative advertisements. Further analysis indicates that the effect of comparative advertisements on both types of mediums was similar. More specifically, memory recall was found to be similar for direct comparative advertisements and indirect comparative advertisements when viewed on print format in contrast to online format. This research further indicates that a higher memory recall does not lead to a greater purchase intention.
Date: 2018-05
Rights: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada

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