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Fresh Convenience Stores: Making Produce Affordable and Accessible

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Title: Fresh Convenience Stores: Making Produce Affordable and Accessible
Author: Lasu, Biatris; Sawatzky, Alex
Description: Improving access and availability of healthy foods is a major priority for many communities throughout North America. Convenience stores are an important part of urban and rural landscapes, and for communities that lack supermarkets and grocery stores, residents often depend on convenience stores and other small-scale retailers to purchase food (Food First NL, 2017; New Jersey Healthy Corner Store Task Force, 2016). Convenience store foods, however, are typically stocked based on long shelf-life and low wastage, meaning that fresher, healthier foods are often harder to come by (Burton Laurison, 2014). Increasing the quality and quantity of healthy foods in convenience stores can therefore lead to improved food access in underserved communities (Fry, Levitt, Ackerman, & Burton Laurison, 2013).
Date: 2017-11-02

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