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Fat and Organogel Structure Within Pâté and Their Influence on Texture and Sensory Attributes

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Title: Fat and Organogel Structure Within Pâté and Their Influence on Texture and Sensory Attributes
Author: Tiensa, Brian Eckyman; Tiensa, Brian Eckyman
Department: Department of Food Science
Program: Food Science
Advisor: Barbut, ShaiMarangoni, AlejandroBarbut, Shai
Abstract: Five commercial brand pâtés were characterized by examining their texture, microstructure, fatty acid composition, melting profile, and polymorphism. Powder x-ray diffraction studies demonstrated that while the fat extracted from one of the pâtés crystallized in a β polymorphic form; while embedded in a pâté protein matrix, it was crystallized in a β’ polymorphic form. This implies an effect of the food matrix on fat crystallization and structure and an interaction between fat and other components present in the food matrix. Five different canola oil organogel formulations were used to replace pork fat in liver pâté to improve its polyunsaturated fat content and evaluate their effects on texture and sensory properties. Pâtés made using organogels showed comparable textural, physical, and sensory properties as the traditional pâté made with pork fat while reducing the saturated fat content by 62%. Organogel replaced pâtés were perceived to have similar hardness, oiliness, and juiciness in the sensory test compared to control pâté made with pork fat. Partial replacement of pork fats with canola oil organogels was done to improve oil retention, sensory and textural properties of liver pâté. Oil retention performance could be retained at 60% pork fat replacement while maintaining the textural properties and having minimal effect on the sensory properties and colour of the products.
Date: 2017-08
Rights: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
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Citation: Tiensa, B. E., Marangoni, A. G., & Barbut, S. (2017). Fat replacement in liver pâté using canola oil organogel. Guelph.

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