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Youth and Parent Psychosocial Factors Associated with Quality of Life in Youth with Chronic Pain

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Title: Youth and Parent Psychosocial Factors Associated with Quality of Life in Youth with Chronic Pain
Author: Lee, Soeun
Department: Department of Psychology
Program: Psychology
Advisor: McMurtry, Meghan
Abstract: Pediatric chronic pain impacts 11-38% of youth and is accompanied by psychosocial sequelae that interfere with daily functioning. This study examined selected youth and parent factors hypothesized to be associated with optimal outcomes in youth with chronic pain. Sixty youth aged 9 to 17 years (M=14.35, SD=2.39) participated through the Pediatric Chronic Pain Program (PCPP) at McMaster Children’s Hospital, and completed questionnaires assessing their pain, quality of life, pain acceptance, and pain self-efficacy. Parents completed questionnaires on their own psychological flexibility and responses to their children’s pain. As hypothesized, higher youth pain acceptance, pain self-efficacy, parental psychological flexibility, and lower pain intensity and parental protectiveness were significantly associated with higher youth quality of life. Pain acceptance and pain self-efficacy did not moderate the relation between pain intensity and quality of life. Parental distraction partially mediated the relation between parental psychological flexibility and youth quality of life, although protectiveness did not. Results from this study provide further evidence for a resilience-risk model of pediatric chronic pain. Future research should aim to examine youth and parent psychosocial factors longitudinally in order to better understand the development of pediatric chronic pain and the mechanisms behind differential outcomes in quality of life in youth with chronic pain.
Date: 2017-08
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada

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