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Seven Day Dietary Intakes of Female Varsity Ice Hockey Players

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Title: Seven Day Dietary Intakes of Female Varsity Ice Hockey Players
Author: Vermeulen, Tyler
Department: Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Program: Human Health and Nutritional Sciences
Advisor: Spriet, Lawrence
Abstract: ABSTRACT SEVEN DAY DIETARY INTAKES OF FEMALE VARSITY ICE HOCKEY PLAYERS Student: Advisor: Tyler F. Vermeulen Lawrence L. Spriet This study examined the energy (E) and nutritional intakes of female varsity hockey players during 7 days of dietary recording, and also examined the data based on games, practices, and rest days, and finally by position and line combination. E intakes (2354 ± 74 kcal/day) met estimated daily energy expenditures (TDEE, 2304 ± 43 kcal/day). Significantly more E was consumed on games vs. rest days. Fat and protein intakes were also significantly higher on game over rest days. Micronutrient intakes were highest on practice days, which did not follow E intake trends, but no significance was found. No trends were seen between E, macro, micronutrients in line combinations. Fluid consumption was significantly different between all days with game days having the highest intakes. In conclusion, female hockey players met their estimated daily energy requirements and had highest E and macronutrient intakes on game days.
Date: 2017-05
Rights: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada
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