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An Investigation of Sustainable Management of Carrot Weevil in the Holland Marsh, Ontario

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Title: An Investigation of Sustainable Management of Carrot Weevil in the Holland Marsh, Ontario
Author: Telfer, Zachariah
Department: School of Environmental Sciences
Program: Environmental Sciences
Advisor: Scott-Dupree, CynthiaMcDonald, Mary Ruth
Abstract: The carrot weevil (CW), Listronotus oregonensis (LeConte), is a major carrot pest in Canada. Larval CW feeding renders carrot roots unmarketable. The efficacy of the CW IPM program was evaluated. Field trials and analysis of historical data determined CW monitoring did not effectively relate to CW damage and CW has likely developed phosmet resistance. Field trials showed that foliar, seed treatment, or in-furrow insecticide applications generally failed to reduce CW damage, although foliar applications of novaluron and cyantraniliprole showed some efficacy. Throughout field trials, damage from an apparent 2nd CW generation was observed. The Holland Marsh (Ontario) was surveyed for natural enemies of CW. All known natural predators and one parasitoid of CW were found although their impact on the CW population is unknown. Future CW research at the Holland Marsh should focus on improving monitoring techniques, evaluating new insecticides, and examining the feasibility of conservation biological control.
Date: 2017-01
Rights: Attribution 2.5 Canada
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