Submitting items to the Atrium

To set up deposit access to a current collection, or to set up a new collection, please contact us. Once your deposit access has been set up, you can deposit items using the Atrium’s online submission form. 

Using the Atrium online submission form

Follow the instructions below to submit an item to the Atrium.  

1. Go to the login page for the Atrium. 

2. Click the University of Guelph login link. Log in with your central login username and password. 

3. In the right menu bar under the My Account menu, select Submissions. 

4. In the Submissions & workflow tasks window, click on start a new submission. 

5. In the Select a collection window, choose the collection you would like to submit your item to from the drop-down list. This list will include only those collections to which you have permission to submit. If you would like to submit to a collection that is not included in this list, please contact us. Click Next. 

6. Use the online submission form to describe your item, upload file(s), add an end-use license to your item, and submit your item for review and inclusion in the Atrium. The buttons across the top of the submission form will help you to navigate between steps, as well as monitor your progress through the submission steps. The Save & Exit button will allow you to save your work at any time and resume later. 

7. Describe item (Part One). Fill in all mandatory fields (*) and any other field that is applicable to your submission. Once you have completed all relevant fields, click Next. 

  • Authors: An author is the person, organization or service responsible for creating or contributing to the content of the item. Click the 'Add' button after entering each author's name. If the author is an organization, use the ‘last name’ input box for the organization name. 
  • Title*: Enter the full name by which this item should be known and cited. 
  • Other Titles: Use this to indicate any alternative titles for the item, such as a translated title.
  • Date of Issue: If your item was previously published, such as a journal article or a book, enter the date of official publication. If you do not know the day or month, fill out the year only. If the Atrium will be the first distributor of this item, enter the date you are submitting the item to the Atrium. 
  • Publisher: If your item was previously published, such as a journal article or a book, enter the full name of the publisher. 
  • Related Publication: If your item was previously published, such as in a journal or book, enter the full citation information in your preferred citation style. Where applicable, include the digital object identifier. 
  • Series/Report No.: If the item is part of a series, you can enter the series name and the series number for your item. 
  • Identifiers: Where available, enter the number or code that identifies this item in other systems, such as DOI (articles), ISSN (journals), ISBN (books). 
  • Type: Select an option from the drop-down list that best matches the resource type of your item. 
  • Language: Select the language of the content of your item. 
  • Department: Select the university department that the primary author is affiliated with from the drop-down list. 
  • Embargo lift date: If mandated by publisher policy, you can temporarily restrict access to your item by placing an embargo period. Enter the date (year, month, and day) on which the item can be openly accessible. Note that the embargoed item will remain searchable in the Atrium, but any attached file(s) will not be openly accessible until the embargo period has been lifted. Leave the field blank if the item should be immediately openly accessible upon submission. 

8. Describe item (Part Two). Fill in all fields that are applicable to your submission. Once you have completed all relevant fields, click Next. 

  • Subject keywords: Enter at least three to five keywords or phrases about your item. The more descriptive the keywords/phrases are, the easier it will be for users to discover your item. Capitalize terms only when necessary. Use one input box per keyword or phrase. For additional input boxes, click the ‘Add’ button. 
  • Abstract: Enter a brief description of the item. If you have a textual submission that includes an abstract, you can cut and paste the abstract here. 
  • Sponsors: If your item is a product of funded research, use this field to list the funder(s). Please enter the full name of the funder (e.g., Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance, etc.). Separate multiple funder names using a semicolon (;). 

9. Upload file. Please see the FAQ technical for file format, accessibility, and naming guidelines. Click on the Browse button to select the file you want to upload. To upload multiple files, click on the ‘Upload file & add another’ button to add each additional file. If you are uploading multiple files, it is recommended that you enter a brief description for each file (e.g., “Project report", “Executive summary”, "Infographic", etc.). Once all files are uploaded, click Next. 

Please note that data files should be deposited in the University of Guelph Research Data Repositories to improve access and discovery of your data. For more information regarding depositing your data in the U of G Research Data Repositories, please contact us.  

10. Review Submission. Review the information you have entered for accuracy and completeness. Use the Correct one of these buttons to make changes as necessary. When you are satisfied that the information is correct, click Next. 

11. License your work. A Creative Commons license can be applied to a work to specify to others how they may use the work provided they give proper credit. To license a work, you must be the copyright holder or have authorization from the copyright holder to do so. The Creative Commons License Chooser can be used to help you choose an appropriate license for your work or contact us to learn more. 

a. Select an option from the drop-down license type menu. 

  • If you wish to omit a license, select ‘No Creative Commons License’. In this case your item will be released with a standard statement “All items in the Atrium are protected by copyright with all rights reserved unless otherwise indicated.” 
  • If you wish to add a license to your work, select ‘Creative Commons’.  
  • If you wish to waive all copyright to the extent possible under law, select ‘CC0’ (Public Domain Dedication - “No rights reserved”). 

b. If you selected ‘Creative Commons’, you automatically indicate that users must provide attribution (citation/credit) if they use your work. To set additional conditions on use, select a response to the two prompts: Allow commercial uses of your work? Allow modifications of your work? Once you have made your selections, click Next. 

12. Distribution license. Your agreement to this non-exclusive license is required before your item can appear in the Atrium. By agreeing to this license, you (the author(s) or copyright owner) grant the University of Guelph the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate, and/or distribute your submission worldwide in any format or medium. After reviewing the Digital Repositories Policy, check the box beside 'I have read and agreed to the full terms outlined in the Digital Repositories Policy’ and click on ‘Complete Submission’ to submit your item for review.

Mediation of submissions 

All submitted items will be reviewed by Atrium staff for alignment with the Atrium deposit guidelines before they are accepted into the Atrium and are publicly visible.  

If any corrections to your submission are required, you will receive an email notification that your submission has been rejected with an explanation of required changes. You can update your submission and resubmit for review. 

When your item has been accepted into the Atrium, you will receive an email notification with a persistent URL (a handle) for your item, that you can use to cite and share your work. 

Correcting or withdrawing an item 

Once an item has been made public in the Atrium, corrections and withdrawals are subject to the Digital Repositories Policy (VIII. Corrections or Withdrawals of Submissions). If you need to make changes to the item, please contact us.