The morphodynamics of an intertidal sand bar system, Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia, Canada



Dawson, Jaime Catherine

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University of Guelph


This thesis investigates the morphodynamics of an intertidal ridge and runnel sand bar system on the Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia. Measurements of wave transformation, flow velocity, and sediment transport were made over the course of individual tidal cycles in order to examine how these variables change with water depth and the resultant effect on sediment transport and ridge morphology. Hydrodynamic and sediment dynamic measurements were made with a series of resistance type wave staffs, electromagnetic current meters, and optical sensors. These measurements were repeated to encompass a variety of non-storm incident wave conditions. The entire ridge and runnel system and a single ridge were surveyed repeatedly using a variety of techniques. Results indicate that flow velocity is a combination of current and wave influences. Ridges remained stable over the study period, which suggests that this ridge and runnel beach is a low-to-moderate equilibrium system.



morphodynamics, intertidal, ridge and runnel, sand bar system, Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia