On Rice and Weddings: An Investigation of the Impacts of Indonesia’s Raskin Program on the Incidence of Child Marriage

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University of Guelph


We investigate the role that food security plays in a family’s decision to arrange early marriages for their daughters. Specifically, we study Indonesia’s Raskin program, the world’s largest food assistance program. We implement household fixed effects to control for endogenous selection to the Raskin program, allowing us to compare siblings by isolating the within-household variation in the exposure to the program. When controlling for household-level selection to the program, the Raskin program had no significant impact on the incidence of child marriage. We investigate potential mechanisms behind this relationship by exploring the effect of premarital transactions, religion, and cultural institutions.



In-Kind Food Assistance, Child Marriage, Indonesia, Raskin


Lorenz, Aaron, and Yu Na Lee. "On Rice and Weddings: Impacts of Food Assistance on Child Marriage in Indonesia." (2023).