Fabrication of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Imprinted Polymer on the Surface of Paramagnetic Nanobeads via Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization




Sun, Ran

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University of Guelph


Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) imprinted polymer was grafted onto the surface of paramagnetic nanobeads via atom transfer radical polymerization (ARTP). The affinity of the imprinted paramagnetic nanobeads towards TMV was dependent on the polymer nucleation sites and cross-linker concentration included in the polymerization mix. Greater TMV binding to imprinted nanobeads (0.235 mg/ml) over non-imprinted controls (0.100 mg/ml) was observed at pH 7.0 and short (5 min) binding times. Using the TMV imprinted nanobeads, it was possible to extract and concentrate TMV particles from solutions containing as little as 100 μg/ml of the virus in buffered solutions. The imprinted beads were highly discriminative and could selectivity bind TMV over the structurally similar virus, Pepper Mild Mottle Virus. The results provide proof-of-principle of an approach for fabricating microbial imprinted paramagnetic nanobeads that could find utility as an alternative to immuno-assays in pathogen screening.



Tobacco mosaic virus, paramagnetic nanobeads, Molecular imprinted polymer, Atom transfer radical polymerization