Pathology of the lungs of domestic animals: Digital histology slide - Case 35

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Caswell, Jeff

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Digital histology slide for Case 35.


Seminar at the Conference of the German Veterinary Medical Association (DVG) in Fulda, Germany, 1-2 March 2019. The approach to the seminar was to discuss 50 cases ( approximately 10 minutes per case). For each case, a clinical summary and histologic lesions images were provided. The group was then asked to provided a diagnosis and discuss the various diagnoses suggested (e.g. agreement, disagreement, unknowns) and then a case summary was provided. For more detailed slide information, see the document 'Pathology of the lungs of domestic animals: Slide seminar' which can be accessed at Note that of the SVS (virtual slide) file has an accompanying XML file, when the SVS file is opened, the XML file should automatically open providing overlying annotations on the slide. While SVS files generally opened with TIFF readers, for the best resolution a compatible slide viewer is recommended. Examples of compatible viewers include Aperio ImageScope (pathology slide viewing software) and OpenSlide (a C library that provides a simple interface to read whole-slide images).


pathology, lungs, respiratory disease, domestic animal, histology, tissue