Scanning tunneling microscopy study of te tracene thin films on the hydrogen-passivated silicon(001) surface



Tersigni, Andrew

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University of Guelph


A scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) study of the structural properties of tetracene films grown by molecular vapour deposition on the hydrogen-passivated silicon(001) surface is presented. STM images indicate that tetracene films grown to thicknesses of three monolayers exhibit an epitaxial relation with the substrate. The tetracene molecules stand upright on the surface, forming a layered herringbone structure that is characteristic of bulk crystalline tetracene. In support of these results, data from AFM and NEXAFS experiments are also presented. Both techniques confirm the standing orientation of the molecules on the surface, and suggest that initially disordered layers in the early stages of growth self-assemble into the ordered herringbone structure as further layers are grown. The results obtained aid in our understanding of the processes and interactions which govern organic film growth, which will aid in our ability to produce organic electronic devices of optimal quality and performance.



scanning tunneling microscopy, structural properties, tetracene films, molecular vapour deposition, hydrogen-passivated silicon(001) surface