Faces Born of Nothing

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University of Guelph

FACES BORN OF NOTHING is a women centered, speculative short story collection. If you were stuck with just two expressions forever, and they determined your fate in a sexist, religious fanatic society, which two would you pick? Rather than pick, Nwigwe becomes a chameleon in “Faces Born of Nothing”. In “Wife Material”, the marriageability of unmarried women is visible and can be measured and worn like a fabric. “Wrenching Off Training Wheels” is a second person narrative following the uncovering of the phenomenon called the Holy Ghost. In “Daddy Day”, a cat oversees a man ‘babysitting’ his child while his wife handles an emergency. Faces Born of Nothing explores the connection between the African interpretation of religion and misogyny, as well as the societal expectations of masculinity and gender roles. The collection contains thirteen stories intertwined by time, gender, relationships, and the patriarchy.