Determining the attitude of secondary school students towards agriculture as a career: A case study of Ibadan Grammar School students in Oyo State, Nigeria

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Mohammed, Adiza

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University of Guelph


The purpose of the study was to analyze Ibadan Grammar school students (IGS) attitude towards agriculture as a career. A total of 295 students were randomly selected from Ibadan Grammar Secondary School, Oyo state, Nigeria. Data was collected through qualitative and quantitative collection techniques and these methods include: participant observation, focus group discussions, and survey questionnaires. The data collected from both techniques were analyzed using qualitative coding, theme categorization, frequencies, percentages and inferential testing. The research study results from the methods show that high financial gain and good societal view towards the agrarian profession, as well as personal interest of the students are the factors that will resolve the issue of youth unwillingness in agriculture as a career in Nigeria. In addition, the research study was also able to discover the reason behind the ineffective influence of a favorable change in students' attitudinal disposition towards agriculture as a future career choice. Furthermore, based on the conclusion of the study, recommendations on what should be done to aid in better youth career choices in Nigerian agriculture were properly outlined towards the end of the research study.



secondary school students, attitudes, careers, agriculture, Nigeria