Evaluating the efficacy of internal teat sealants at dry-off for the prevention of new intra-mammary infections during the dry-period or clinical mastitis during early lactation in dairy cows: A protocol for a systematic review and cumulative meta-analysis

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Pearce, Sydney D.
Sargeant, Jan M.
Winder, Charlotte B.
Parmley, Jane
Kelton, David F.

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With growing scrutiny of antibiotic usage broadly among health and agricultural sectors, the dairy industry experiences increasing pressure to implement novel, evidence-based antibiotic use practices as they develop. Antibiotic administration for the prevention or treatment of intramammary infections (IMI) and mastitisis a large component of antibiotic use in the dairy industry (Lam et al., 2012). Adoption of antibiotic alternatives can contribute to reduced dairy industry antibiotic use and more effective antimicrobial stewardship.Identifying the efficacy of teat sealants as a non-antibiotic treatment alternative for the prevention of IMI and mastitis was the rationale for the original protocol (Sargeant et al., 2018) for the systematic review and network meta-analysis conducted by Winder et al. (2019). The current review protocol describes an update to the search strategy to identify relevant articles published after the original search, modified eligibility, and adds a temporal component to the existing knowledge via cumulative meta-analysis.



antibiotic, antibiotic alternatives, protocol, dairy industry