Health Behaviour Change in Adults: Analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey 4.1




Haberman, Carol

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation of the self-reported health behaviour changes made by adults in the Canadian Community Health Survey 2007, categorized by BMI category. Descriptive analyses and forward stepwise regression were performed to determine variables associated with HBC. The final sample n = 111,449. Overall, 58% of individuals had made a HBC in the past year. Increased exercise was the most common HBC (29%), followed by improved eating habits (10%) and losing weight (7%). Only 51% experienced barriers to HBC; lack of will power was most commonly cited. Overweight and obese individuals were more likely to undertake HBC. In the regression model, opinion of own weight was the strongest predictor of HBC, followed by fruit and vegetable consumption, number of consultations with doctor, smoking status, and perceived health.



Canadian Community Health Survey, CCHS, HBC, health behavior change, health behaviour change, BMI