"Place" and the Mealtime Experience for those Living with Dementia: Transitions to Long-term Care

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Way, Caitlin

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University of Guelph


This study is a secondary analysis of data collected from a six-year longitudinal qualitative study called Eating Together (ET), which sought to better understand the mealtime experience of community dwelling persons with dementia and their primary partners in care. Findings from the primary study highlighted the importance of mealtimes for these families, and as persons with dementia moved into long-term care homes it was noted that the meaning of the mealtime experience was challenged. Data from select dyads in the primary study was thematically analyzed, to understand the mealtime experience of persons with dementia and their primary partners in care, when persons with dementia relocated to a “new place”; a long-term care home. Findings revealed five themes related to the new mealtime experience in the long-term care home, including: systemizing the meal, adjusting to dining with others, holding on to “home”, evolving roles, and becoming “at home”.



Mealtimes, Dementia, Place, Nutrition, Long-term Care, Nursing Home, Retirement Home