Pictures and Perceptions of Household Food Waste in Guelph, Ontario




Fraser, Carly

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University of Guelph


Food waste in Canada is estimated to amount to $31 billion, with approximately half of this wastage occurring in households (Gooch & Felfel, 2014). As the desire for food waste reduction gains prominence in Canadian policy arenas, it is important to examine the household empirically, and contribute to theory-building for food waste studies as an emerging field. This research uses adapted photovoice interviews with 22 households in Guelph, ON to give insight into moments of transition between food and waste from the householder’s perspective. The study documents these moments of transition between food and waste; explores relationships between food and wasting behaviours in the household; and makes connections between household food waste and systemic and institutional forces. Using discard studies, critiques of capitalist agriculture, and feminist food studies, this study suggests that more creative and effective solutions to the food waste problem will emerge from rethinking household food waste generation.



food waste, photovoice, household, Guelph