O. A. C. Review Volume XXX Issue 6, February 1918

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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue's agricultural articles pertain to sending beef cattle to market early because of the grain shortage, tuberculin testing for cattle, potential for increasing the honey industry, the success of the farm power course, prospects for poultry and egg production in 1918, and plant breeding at the Vineland Experiment Station. Other articles include encouraging farmers to produce quality products, the Silver Black Fox industry, banana production in the tropics, the ornithology of winter birds, and agricultural education through motion pictures. A Macdonald Institute student contributed an article on designing the ideal kitchen. While the Query column answers agricultural queries send in by subscribers. The editorial comments on the dignity of the agriculturalist. Campus news provides a summary of the activities of each of the campus clubs, and results of the hockey and basketball games. The Macdonald column mentions the women's initiation and the success of the promenade. The Alumni column provides several military letters and alumni updates.



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