Exercise-induced recovery of skeletal muscle insulin response is independent of adiponectin response in high-fat fed rodents



Gulli, Roberto Adamo

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University of Guelph


High-fat diet induced loss of adiponectin response occurs before development of insulin resistance in rodent skeletal muscle. Whether recovery of skeletal muscle adiponectin response is necessary for the exercise-induced recovery of insulin response is not known. Here, high-fat-fed insulin/adiponectin resistant rodents were treadmill trained or [beta]-GPA-supplemented (to reduce high-energy phosphagen stores) to determine if recovered adiponectin response corresponded with recovery of insulin response. Responses were assessed ' ex vivo' in solei via insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and adiponectin-stimulated palmitate oxidation. Insulin response was impaired following four weeks of high-fat feeding, but improved following one and two weeks of exercise, corresponding to partially restored Akt phosphorylation. Conversely, adiponectin response was not restored with exercise. Similar trends were observed following [beta]-GPA supplementation, suggesting that high-energy phosphagen perturbation suffices to recover skeletal muscle insulin response, but not adiponectin response. We conclude that the exercise-induced recovery of insulin response after high-fat feeding is not dependent on adiponectin response.



high-fat diet, adiponectin response, insulin resistance, rodent skeletal muscle, exercise-induced recovery, insulin response