Agriculture waste management program: 1992/93 final report

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Poel, Karen
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy

The objectives of this study were: 1) Initiate a study/demonstration project to set-up and monitor a wetland treatment system for manure runoff from a solid manure storage system. 2) During winter conditions determine the effect of freezing temperatures on nutrients and bacteria in field spread manure. 3) Provide assistance on a study in cooperation with Agriculture Canada to monitor the effect of liquid manure application and management on surface and tile water quality from conservation tillage systems. 4) Continue to monitor water quality in the Timms Creek sub-watershed to evaluate the effect of restricting cattle from the creek at the three access sites. Investigate and promote the remediation of failing septic systems in the Timms Creek watershed. 5) Continue to monitor background and runoff event conditions of the Kintore Creek east and west sub-basins.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports
water quality, manure application, bacterial survival, constructed wetland, manure runoff, solid manure storage system, nutrients, conservation tillage, livestock access