The Hanging Tree

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Bailey, Chris

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation of the masculinity found in rural areas where the concept of masculinity is rooted in an old world ideal. It mainly follows a fishing family in Prince Edward Island who are unable to fish due to a strike, leaving them without their key identifiers. The family includes brothers Andrew and Cameron Ramsay. Andrew believes fishing is what he is made for, and Cameron wants out. The strike ends but while waiting Andrew commits a criminal act that leaves him questioning himself. Cameron tries and fails to escape via academia and resigns himself to life fishing. The main character is their father Donald, a transgender person dealing with the death of his first son, his rough childhood, failure to escape the Island in his youth, and his gender identity. He confides in different people finally, endures the fallout, and considers suicide before things almost smooth out.



Novel, PEI, Creative Writing