Design, Implementation and Optimization of an X-ray Image Plate Based X-ray Powder Diffractometer for Light and Pressure Sensitive, Low Temperature Structure Measurements

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Gramera, Lukasz

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University of Guelph


A high efficiency image plate detector was designed and implemented to measure photo-magnetic phase transitions of Prussian-Blue nano dye. Preliminary tests were performed to ensure the detection method is viable for the target samples. Further design and optimization was performed to maximize the detector's efficiency and functionality. The instrumentation was designed and optimized to enable controlled light exposure of the samples at low temperatures (100 K) while maintaining atmospheric conditions. A full three dimensional virtual model of the experimental station was produced, providing a reliable tool for defining the diffraction geometry and parameters needed for a proper detector integration process. The integration methods are discussed and integration artifacts were eliminated. The apparatus has been calibrated and Rietveld refinement analyses were performed on a Y2O3 calibration standard to ensure the quality of data collected. The data for target samples was collected and the photo-induced phase transition at low temperature was observed.



X-ray Image Plate, Powder diffractometer, Prussian-Blue nano-dye, photo-magnetic phase transition