The management of manure in Ontario with respect to water quality



Goss, Michael J.
Rollins, Kimberley S.
McEwan, Kenneth
Shaw, J. Ralph
Lammers-Helps, Helen

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University of Guelph


This paper provides an account of current manure management in Ontario with reference to impacts on quality of water sources used for drinking. It covers the regulatory framework governing manure management and the biophysical processes that govern the potential risks to water resources. We make comparisons between current regulations in Ontario with those in other parts of Canada, North America and Europe. In addition, we provide an assessment of the potential changes in manure production in Ontario over the next decade, both in terms of amount and its distribution. In documenting the information that underpins management options, we have taken account of the literature from other areas of North America and Europe.


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manure management, water source, drinking water, policy, regulation, water protection, contamination