Role of Hippo Signaling Pathway During Bovine Oocyte Maturation In-Vitro

Carvajal, Diana
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University of Guelph

Oocyte development is strictly regulated by several ovarian signaling pathways. One of these pathways is the Hippo signaling pathway, known for its role in cell proliferation and apoptosis. Limited but substantial evidence has demonstrated that the Hippo signaling pathway plays a significant role in ovarian function. However, its involvement during specific stages of oocyte development remains elusive. This is the first report characterizing the expression and protein localization of Hippo pathway components during bovine oocyte maturation. Results provide new knowledge that the Hippo signaling pathway is involved during oocyte maturation in bovine species, and that the expression and localization of the components depend greatly on the presence or absence of cumulus cells and on specific stages of development. Results also provide insight about the role of cumulus cells in modulating pathway components and the importance of these components during oocyte maturation, which contribute to the development of competent oocytes.

Hippo signaling pathway, MST1/2, LATS1/2, YAP, TAZ, Oocyte maturation, Bovine