Improving the ecological health and urban function of Beijing by establishing a green network

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Guan, Yue

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University of Guelph


Over the past three decades, two types of green networks, greenways and ecological networks have emerged as effective approaches to counter land fragmentation and degradation. This thesis studies the planning and implementation of green networks for Beijing, where the deteriorated environment urgently requires a healthier urban structure. This research uses ecological and planning theories, and explores four existing green network projects. From these studies, a framework is created for the planning and implementation of green networks. Using this framework, guidelines for establishing a green network system in Beijing are developed. These guidelines are then used to create a plan for a study site, which is evaluated based on the ecological, social and economic consequences of the network. The thesis concludes that by following a strategic process it is possible to create green networks that support both ecological improvements and urban functions.



green networks, greenways, ecological networks, land fragmentation, land degradation, planning, implementation, Beijing