The regulation of manganese superoxide dismutase and other antioxidant enzymes in Drosophila melanogaster



Lepp, Dion

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University of Guelph


Modulation of gene expression appears to be a common theme in the response to oxidative stress from bacteria to mammals. In this study, the transcriptional regulation of the 'Drosophila' genes Mn superoxide dismutase (MnSOD), Cu/ZnSOD and XDH was investigated. The expression of a MnSOD-' lacZ' fusion reporter gene was characterized in 'Drosophila ' adults and was found to differ from that of MnSOD transcript, indicating the possibilty of additional MnSOD regulatory elements outside the promoter region. No evidence for the involvement of the MAP kinase of Toll signaling pathways in the control of MnSOD basal transcription was discovered. Furthermore, there was no change in MnSOD transcript levels following treatment with bacterial LPS of with oxidative stress. Cu/ZnSOD and XDH were also unresponsive to oxidative stress, with the exception of a 2-fold induction of XDH in response to paraquat. Thus, there is no evidence that a co-ordinate response to oxidative stress occurs in 'Drosophila'.



modulation, gene expression, oxidative stress, bacteria, transcriptional regulation, manganese superoxide dismutase, antioxidant enzymes, Drosophila melanogaster