O. A. C. Review Volume XXVIII Issue 10, June 1916

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Ontario Agricultural College


The highlight of this issue for the O. A. C. students would be the examination results and grade standings. Agricultural articles pertain to the beef industry in Canada, the benefits of alfalfa as a crop, and improving pastureland. Other articles address the community spirit found in rural communities and the usefulness of the thermometer as a tool for the farmer. Articles related to poultry include how to treat lice on poultry, crate fattening of poultry, and improvements in egg cold storage. Articles contributed by Macdonald Institute students discusses the teaching of agricultural science in the public schools and the convenience of the cooking box (a precursor to the slow cooker). The editorial is devoted to the recognition of Dr. C. A. Zavitz. The Alumni column contains the introductory address for Dr. Zavitz, wartime correspondence, including recognition of alumnus Corporal Benny Blanchard, and an update on the O. A. C. 56th Battery. The Macdonald Institute column includes a humorous article on the future occupations of the 1916 Class in the year 1930 and reports the success of the campus Battery Dance for members of the 56th Battery. While the Locals column provides campus humour.



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