Restructuring and realignment in Ontario: a case study of Manitoulin Island

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Gordon, Todd M.

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation of the processes of municipal Restructuring and Realignment in Ontario. Municipal reform is not a new phenomenon in Ontario, but the current reforms are unprecedented in their scope, magnitude, and speed of implementation. The impacts of the two reform programmes have differed with the type of municipality, and Ontario's rural municipalities have faced their own unique set of challenges. This thesis explores the historical context of municipal reform in Ontario, examines the current Restructuring and Realignment programmes overall, and then explores their potential impacts on rural municipalities through a case study of Manitoulin Island. Analysis reveals that the two reform programmes may have significant impacts on the fundamental characteristics of rural municipal governments. These characteristics include efficiency, effectiveness, equity, accountability, and local autonomy. The thesis also reveals that Restructuring and Realignment will influence rural municipal planning in the generic sense.



municipal reform, Ontario, rural municipalities, Restructuring and Realignment programmes, Manitoulin Island