Effects of Time Spent in Green Space on Productivity



Patton, Mark

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University of Guelph


Previous literature examining green space suggests a connection to productivity improvement. The goal of this thesis is to provide an economic assessment of the changes produced from exposure to green space in terms of productivity. A field experiment was conducted with 225 individuals. All participants performed a 10-minute math test, after which they received between-group treatments of a 20-minute either walk through green space or urban space, with the control group spending 20-minutes inside the experimental station. Participants then completed another math test with the difference between the first and second score being used to assess the treatment effects. None of the treatments were statistically significant in improving the math scores, indicating that a 20-minute green space walk does not translate into productivity improvements in this experiment. This study’s results contradict the previous psychological and physiological literature surrounding green space highlighting the need for more replication studies in the area.



Economics, Green Space, Experimental Economics