The molecular characterization and genome annotation of Serratia Marcescens phage ETA



Denyes, Jenna M.

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University of Guelph


Serratia marcescens' phage [eta] is a temperate unclassified member of the 'Siphoviridae'. The phage [eta] genome sequence was determined using 454 sequencing, the genome is 42,724 nucleotides in length with a mol% GC of 49.9 and circularly permuted. Seventy putative open reading frames were identified and classified into one of seven categories related to function, with 19 novel and 19 for which a function could be predicted. Ten structural proteins were identified using mass spectrometry. Seven close genetic relatives were identified, however they only shared a phylogenetic relationship with genes '40' to '69' of the phage [eta] genome. It is recommended phage [eta] be classified as the type member of a novel 'Siphoviridae' sub-family, additionally, that a novel SETP3-like species and genus be established containing the seven genetic relatives. Phage [eta] is an extremely unstable temperate phage, further research is required to determine the cause of that instability.



Serratia marcescens, phage [eta], Siphoviridae, genome sequence, novel 'Siphoviridae' sub-family