The Effects of Environmental Cues on Choice of Healthy Foods: Group Membership as a Moderator

dc.contributor.advisorYi, Sunghwan
dc.contributor.authorBento, Tracy of Marketing and Consumer Studiesen_US of Guelphen_US of Scienceen_US and Consumer Studiesen_US
dc.description.abstractThis research investigated environmental cues and its effect on healthy food choice, while considering the moderator of group membership of previous fictitious participants. This research found that an environmental cue denoting a healthy snack led participants to choose kale chips more often and led participants to choose more kale chips than participants who were exposed to an environmental cue denoting an unhealthy snack. Group membership was not found to moderate the relationship between environmental cues and food choice, as regardless of a previous participants group membership (in-group vs. out-group) participants were influenced by the environmental cue. These results demonstrate the strength of environmental cues in influencing a consumer’s choice, which provides important theoretical and managerial implications, which will be discussed.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Guelphen_US
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dc.subjectsocial influenceen_US
dc.subjectenvironmental cuesen_US
dc.subjectgroup membershipen_US
dc.titleThe Effects of Environmental Cues on Choice of Healthy Foods: Group Membership as a Moderatoren_US
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