O. A. C. Review Volume XXVII Issue 2, November 1914



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Ontario Agricultural College


The general character of the student activities in this issue address the new school year with its initiations against the backdrop of the onset of World War 1. The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the profitability of milk fed chickens, the national system of the Dominion Experimental Farms, varieties of oats, and the opportunities of graduate studies at Cornell University. The athletic year begins with the men's rugby tournaments, the women's basketball, and the women's paper-chase games. Mentioned in this issue is the giving of a prize-winning saddle horse to the military. The Macdonald Institute column reports on the successful promenades and the formation of the Red Cross Society on campus. This issue's editorial illustrates the conflict for O. A. C. students attending College while other men have enlisted in the military. The Alumni column contains alumni updates. While the Locals column provides campus humour.



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