How to Market Your Curator Team: The Role of Entitativity in Curation Subscriptions


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University of Guelph


Curation subscription is an emerging e-commerce business model which provides recurring deliveries of products selected by curators from companies but tailored to subscribers’ individual preferences. Focusing on the essential role of curators in curation subscriptions, the current research explores how subscription companies promote their curation services by managing the entitativity of their curator teams. Results from one study indicate that increasing the entitativity of a curator team can increase the perceived competence of the team, which in turn promotes consumers’ subscription intention. The positive effect of entitativity on subscription intention only presents for consumers with utilitarian purchase motivations. As consumers’ purchase motivations shift from utilitarian to hedonic, the effect attenuates to disappears. Findings of the study provide theoretical implications for future marketing research as well as managerial inspirations for subscription service providers.



Curation subscription, E-commerce, Entitativity, Promotion