Improving plant growth through increasing nitrogen-use efficiency




Bi, Y.
Kant, S.
Clark, J.
Gidda, S.
Ming, F.
Xu, J.
Rochon, A.
Shelp, B.J.
Hao, L.
Zhao, R.

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Structures, called nodules, on the roots of plants, take nitrogen from the air and absorb it so that plants can use nitrogen to grow. This process of nodule formation is triggered by genes in the plant, and one of these, of unknown function, is similar to the gene used in these studies. An over-expression of the OsENOD93-1 gene in the transgenic rice plants soiled to an increase in plant biomass and seed yield under differing nitrogen conditions. This shows that the gene causes the plant to absorb more of the nitrate and to produce more seeds and grow bigger.


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Amino acids, clear language research summary, gene treatments, nitrogen induction, nitrogen limitation, nitrogen reduction, transcriptional profiling, plant growth